Swiss blockchain industry warns against planned FINMA practice on staking

Whoa what’s happening here

I have no expertise on Swiss finance but I can see where this could be applied to staking services where you stake to validators and your tokens are no longer in your custody and must be claimed along with the interest later. In these cases the service is holding assets to accrue interest for a client in a similar way to banks. However in the case of tokens you have staked where you hold the tokens in your custody your money is still in your hands. This is not a standard banking practice. You cant show your money to a bank and say please give me interest on this for the next year while i keep it at home in my safe.

So my question would be in the latter case is there still requirement to license and if so does it fall upon the staker who is holding their own assets or the entity they receive interest from?

Good question.

Dfinity lawyers probably told every employee to stop discussing sensitive topics on forum.