Speed up DFX by recompiling only changed canisters

I am applying for a $5k Developer Grant.

Please review my application and discuss! See DFINITY’s directions for becoming a registered reviewer here. They will be collected by DFINITY. When one week passes or April 25 (whichever is later), DFINITY will release them and they will appear as a new section on this post.

Please review my application and discuss! If you would like to submit an official review, then please use the links below to register, see the rubric, and submit a review.

I’m looking forward to everyone’s input!

Reviewer Registration | Rubric for Evaluating | Submit a Review




Something is wrong with the link that shows the review(s) Here they are:

If I don’t end up having time to do a formal review I’ll just quickly say, so it is registered, this will easily save $5k in developer time on the day it is released. It probably isn’t that much work, but the value is well worth the $5k.

The scores (especially, on my qualification) are incorrect: I almost did it: feat: rebuild only necessary canisters by vporton · Pull Request #3710 · dfinity/sdk · GitHub

It remains only to fix two bugs.

Questioning is done wrong:

The reviewer has been asked about my qualifications, while I have been not in any way asked to confirm my qualification. Therefore the reviewer guesses whether I am qualified or no with no reason whatsoever. The same applies to Feasibility.

Despite of a reviewer thinking that I don’t have capacity/qualification for the work, I released it: feat: rebuild only necessary canisters by vporton · Pull Request #3710 · dfinity/sdk · GitHub

Now I want $5k reward for my work.

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Your application does not have much detail in order for reviewers to understand your qualificiations and thoughts. Would you like to expand your application to provide more detail, for reconsideration? I will email you a link that you can use to do this.

Yes, please. Send a link to expand.

I have done so. You are the first to use the link, so please let me know when you’ve submitted and if you have any troubles, so that I can troubleshoot if anything doesn’t work right!

I have submitted. Check it, please.

Thank you! Your updated application is now visible above in your first post. Feel free to check it, comment here, etc. I will let the team know so that they can review also.

Dear @qwertytrewq,

For contributions to existing projects and repositories, you need to socialize the plans with the maintainers. Typically, you’d start a discussion on the forum/Github and raise it on the DX board.

It’s great to have a PR already, but the PR is quite big, includes TODOs, out-commented code, and a large number of commits, i.e. it is not at a stage to be mergeable and needs significant effort from the maintainers as well.

Dear @domwoe,

Should I report to DX board only after I consider my MR ready to merge or earlier (now)?