SNS Proposal Adoption


Could someone give me a link to the documentation which defines how an SNS proposal is adopted?

I’ve noticed some proposals on DAO’s pass immediately, which makes me think (hope) proposals will automatically pass if a certain voting power is reached.

If you could point me in the right direction that would be great.


The FAQ section at the support website covers this:

Alternatively, the ICP dashboard shows the same info right below the voting results of any NNS/SNS proposals - note the small info icons next to Absolute Majority and Simple Majority, e.g. OpenChat Proposal: 458 - ICP Dashboard.

Note that voting works in a similar way in NNS and SNS. SNS allows for a bit more configuration, e.g. voting period duration. We’re currently working on increasing some acceptance thresholds in SNS which might be another difference - details here.


Thanks Georgi,

Exactly what I was after.