SNS launches without Neurons’ Fund participation are temporarily disallowed

The NNS team discovered a bug that occurs when Neurons’ Fund matching is not requested for an SNS launch. In that case, finalization of the swap does not complete. That is, the bug occurs with Swap.neurons_fund_participation: false.

As a temporary measure, the creation of new SNSs without Neurons’ Fund participation was disabled (See Proposal: 126302 - ICP Dashboard and the forum discussion NNS Updates Dec 1, 2023). As of right now, submitting a proposal to launch an SNS (i.e., with action CreateServiceNervousSystem) will fail unless Swap.neurons_fund_participation: true in the sns_init.yaml file.

The proper fix for the bug has been designed and implemented and is currently being reviewed. The proposal submission for releasing this fix is scheduled for the regular NNS Governance upgrade this Friday, December 8. We thus ask the teams preparing for an SNS launch without Neurons’ Fund participation to wait until the proposal is adopted. We expect this to happen next Monday, December 11.

We will update this thread as soon as there is any news.


Proposal: 126379 - ICP Dashboard to re-enable SNS launches without Neurons’ Fund participation has been submitted.


Proposal: 126379 - ICP Dashboard has been adopted, so the bug is now fixed.