Reevaluating Neuron Control Restrictions

You make a fair point that within the suggested monitoring the exclusion of canister-controlled neurons belonging to DAOs is not sufficiently clear. Thank you for pointing this out.

To resolve this while maintaining simplicity in monitoring, I suggest to temporarily remove the exclusion of DAOs. Instead, I will emphasize that this aspect could be revisited in future monitoring enhancements. For instance, the materiality threshold could be adjusted (pending NNS approval) following a materiality analysis of canister-controlled neurons belonging to DAOs.

I will edit the draft motion accordingly.


How would the neuron control restrictions work for merging ICP between two different internet identities? Also, for neurons controlled by a hardware wallet, would it be able to remove that restriction so you can merge 2 different identities as well? Thanks in advance!

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Is there an update on when the proposal is going live?

Thank you for the nudge :slight_smile: (I was busy with something else last week). The proposal will be submitted this week. I will share the proposal link in this thread, once it is visible.


Hi @GSWfan
This particular proposal only suggests that in future a canister will be able to be the controller of a neuron; in addition the materiality of canister controlled neurons is suggested to be monitored (because these are transferable). It is not suggested to facilitate transfer neurons from one controller to another (or merge neurons) as this would make all neurons transferable.

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Hi all, the discussed motion proposal has been submitted.


Hello, if this proposal is approved, can I transfer my neurons to a different ID? Do I understand correctly? Do I need to write any code for this? Can this be done easily with nns? I would be very happy if you could help me.

No this would be not possible. The proposal only suggests that in future a canister will be able to be the controller of a neuron.