[Proposal] Reducing minimum staking time for expanding governance participation

I have a few concerns about this proposal:

  1. I don’t believe it will attract many new users to the NNS, the APY is too low, exchanges offer higher APYs for ICP with less effort for the user.

  2. It introduces potential risks to governance, 6 month is an appropriate amount of time to lockup cause usually proposal are actioned upon in that period of time, so if someone votes against the network’s best interest, he isn’t able to liquidate the stake before negative effects start to happen.

  3. If APY for existing staker won’t change where will the required tokens come from? Increased yearly inflation?

  4. 7 days is just too low as a minimum lockup period, it would mean giving away free tokens and voting power to users who don’t really care about IC’s future and just want to earn a couple bucks.

I believe we should look again into Proposal to Change Dissolve Delay Bonus and Age Bonus Parameters to incentivate more users to stake in the NNS