Proposal: New SNS governance proposal action: ManageLedgerParameters

Hi @ICPSwap, Glad you are here. We are taking one step at a time and making sure we move with caution and care. This proposal now creates the ability for an sns to only change one ledger parameter (relevant for this conversation): transfer_fee.

Lets focus now on making sure that a change in a sns’s ledger-transfer-fee works smooth with every platform.

The ICRC-1 specification specifies a mechanism for ‘fee-negotiation’ when performing a ledger transfer. A client can call the icrc1_fee method to get a starting point for the current fee. When making a transfer the client must set the fee field in the transfer-args. If the fee set in the transfer-args is not a valid current fee for the ledger, the ledger returns an error BadFee with the expected_fee. Then if the client is ok with the new fee, the client can make a new transfer with the fee field value as the expected_fee.

@ICPSwap What does the timeline look like for your system’s compatibility with a change of a sns’s ledger-transfer-fee?