Payload Return Size

Funny enough, I’m actually looking at this right now, and it’s your lucky day! Here are two examples:

This one’s in Motoko:

This one’s in Rust:

thanks so much!!
I wrote a motoko example , and deploy local, and then called a test function, put into 1 million data, and then queryed the data through the http_request interface
and got a error:
Replica Error (5): “IC0501: Canister rrkah-fqaaa-aaaaa-aaaaq-cai exceeded the cycles limit for single message execution.”

Do you have some experience。? thanks!

You may have to chunk it back out as well. Allocating arrays can be expensive. I store my chunks as chunks so they can go out the same way they came in.

Also, try buffers instead of arrays.

Array.append(first8MBk,next2MB) chews up a ton of cycles for allocation because you are making a whole new array each time.

Have you found a solution for big data reading now?