Origyn- the upgrade

ORIGYN will be transitioning to an even more powerful DAO framework, the SNS.

ORIGYN is operating since 2020 as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) RWA certifiying protocol. A DAO, characterized by on-chain decentralized democracy, ensures that strategic decisions are made with the community’s consensus, driving efficient outcomes toward shared goals.

Being a DAO allows us to be neutral and hence, to provide an universal certification standard solution adapted even for competitors to use knowing that there is no central interest steering it.

The transition to the Service Nervous System (SNS) on the Internet Computer Protocol marks ORIGYN’s next evolutionary step. The SNS represents the epitome of decentralized governance, particularly for DAOs. Operating entirely on the Internet Computer blockchain, the SNS offers unparalleled security, transparency, and inclusivity. Its unique capability empowers community members to govern smart contracts and decentralized apps (dapps) collectively, without relying on centralized authorities. Through the SNS, every aspect of dapp development is controlled by the community, ensuring transparent, consensus-driven decisions aligned with community interests. This robust framework enhances engagement, resilience, and adaptability, making the SNS the most powerful infrastructure for creating DAOs.

A major change coming from this upgrade is the change of the ORIGYN ledger. Previously, the OGY ledger was running as a fork of the ICP ledger and with this move to the SNS, it will become an ICRC ledger, as any other SNS project. This means that holders of the existing OGY token will need to 1:1 swap their token to the new ledger. A swap interface will be provided.
Similarly, the stakes in the ORIGYN governance will be upgraded. Any stakes in the existing ORIGYN governance will be unlocked and the user can swap those to the new ledger. Once swapped, the tokens can then be staked again in the new ORIGYN SNS governance to similar conditions as the existing governance. Once the upgrade is finished, ORIGYN ledger and governance will be running fully within the SNS framework and benefit from any future upgrades by the DFINITY foundation.

Transitioning to the SNS will unlock for ORIGYN a wave of innovation from the DFINITY foundation, streamlining operations for ORIGYN and its stakeholders. Existing since 2020, ORIGYN’s move to the SNS is timely, seizing the opportunity to harness the SNS’s cutting-edge capabilities.

With a packed roadmap, the shift to the SNS signifies the initial step in a meticulously planned six-year strategy. This roadmap, to be unveiled soon, charts ORIGYN’s trajectory toward continued growth and innovation.

Notably, ORIGYN will not tap into the community fund during the SNS sale. This decision reflects ORIGYN’s self-sufficiency and commitment to responsible resource management, allowing community funds to support other deserving projects.

In essence, ORIGYN’s transition to the SNS is a technological upgrade. It signifies a commitment to pioneering decentralized governance in RWA certification. This transition also represents an opportunity to invest in ORIGYN.

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Really good news to hear Origyn, the OG IC DAO, is becoming an SNS.

A couple of questions:

  • will there be a significant public sale component given compared to existing OGY holders?
  • will the public sale component increase the max supply of OGY after SNS compared to now?

In general I suppose I am asking if the SNS launch is an extension of or revision of the Origyn Tokenimics 3.0 plan announced last September?

Also looking forward to seeing the sns_init file published

Oh, and congratulations to the Origyn team for the years hard work, persistence of vision and commitment to the Internet Computer project and community. I wish you a successful SNS and encourage everyone to consider participating.


I was hoping this would happen.

Question on your current implementation. Do all stake holders or account holders have there own canister address currently?

I am curious as I accidentally sent a few icps to my account instead of OGY. I can see them as belonging to my principal but not sure how or if I can retrieve them. Thanks for any help.

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Presumably it also represents an opportunity to commit new (Motoko?) code to the ORIGYN repo? (Hoping so!)