NNS Proposal Ideas

As a staker and follower of the NNS I find that unless I belong to one of the following groups and involve in their teams then I don’t have much to do.

There has been very little by others to forward ideas that I have seen or proposals that result in further rewards.

In fact the only suggestion and changes I have seen was to lower the standard and hack for extra rewards.

I would like to suggest a proposal:
The one thing I would like is an IC internet explorer that is built on the IC that I can login from any of my devices. That we as stakers could then create proposals on what we added to a fully functional interface that is available to the public.

I am experiencing problems from time to time that state my web page has issues with my security device when logging in to the NNS and are built on earlier web versions.

I feel we need to create this as part of the NNS for our security and possible bias issues we may have in the future. I don’t want to see this on the CF or SNS as I see it as part of the NNS.

Financial rewards from the explorer could be converted into ICP and rewarded to the stakers?

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you talking about the ic version of web browser right? Cuz Kinic the search engine of the icp is here for that alr/ the future big decentralized search engine/ web browser and btw they just raised 1500icp from the community awhile ago, proud as an early backer of kinic :muscle:t3::tornado:


I’m talking about an icon on our device that when clicked doesn’t go through top tech servers but links to the IC directly and displays a search engine. One that isn’t all about the ICP for computer programmers and technically data but is connected through the NNS where upgrades and voting can be held by stakers and they can login through IC and not through top tech.

Something that retail customers have heard about an explora that doesn’t have spammers and great security for purchasers that can be traced and all the other features that ICP can bring, that they can find an interface that they are accustomed to that they can use with confidence and the expected features, to grow the business on the IC which in turns burns tokens.

This to me is the missing link to drive, under the control of the NNS, retail and their customers to use the IC and the services they are building.

Other search engines can place all IC searches to the bottom and we have no control over that but with our own engine we can display the most secure searches and recommendations.