NNS Dapp upgrade proposal 126734

Hello All,

We are happy to propose an upgrade to the NNS Dapp canister:


  • Sns dynamic voting proportions.
  • Iterator over AccountsDbs.
  • Display expiration date for sns proposals.
  • Neuron type support.
  • Card with BTC deposit address and QR code in ckBTC wallet.
  • Merge Approve transfer with BTC “Sent” transaction in transaction list.
  • Display Neurons’ Fund commitment progress bar.
  • range() method to AccountsDbTrait.
  • Render ckBTC Reimbursement transactions.


  • Render BTC deposits/withdrawals as “BTC Received”/“BTC Sent”.
  • Update Rust version:
  • Provide space for migration state in the ProxyDb.
  • Rename “Launch Pad” to “Launchpad”.


  • Limit the size of proposal payload rendering errors, as otherwise the error can become too large to return.
  • Provide a fallback if proposal payloads don’t have the expected type.
  • Temporary work-around for broken SNS.


  • Bump css-tools dev dependency to fix minor vulnerability.
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The updated launchpad in action:

… and someone using bitcoin :slight_smile:

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