Messari Reports: An Unfortunate Absence

It’s truly unfortunate how poorly, or in some cases not at all, IC is represented on most crypto-centric websites. Adding insult to injury, the charts give off an impression of a pump-and-dump scheme, leading many to perceive the token as one that won’t significantly appreciate in value beyond its current position.

And let’s not forget the role of alleged market manipulations by groups like FTX/SFB in contributing to this unfortunate situation.
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I’ve observed a pattern since the last bull run where numerous users on social media and platforms like Discord are frequently referencing and quoting Messari reports. Unfortunately, when it comes to ICP, the commentary tends to downplay its seriousness, often citing a perceived lack of regular reports.

It’s frustrating because ICP actually has a wealth of high-quality updates and information available. However, it seems like these reports are largely ignored or overlooked by third-party sites, which significantly contributes to this misperception.

I sincerely hope that Dfinity can devise a strategy to rectify this situation, perhaps by establishing partnerships with reporting companies to ensure ICP is adequately included in their coverage. It’s absurd to see that Messari only has a meager two reports on ICP, while some newer projects boast 20, 30, even 40 or more reports. It’s a discrepancy that definitely needs to be addressed.

compare it to:
(Crypto Research, Data, and Tools | Messari)
and many many more …

I find myself pondering over how much financial benefit Messari might be receiving from Solana for their relentless endorsements.

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