Introducing the Carlson Protocol: a decision protocol for seeking the truth

Hello fellow nerds,

I’d like to introduce to you what I called the “Carlson Protocol”: it is a decentralized decision system where people vote using ckBTC. These ckBTC are transferred back to the user after a period of time that can vary according to specific rules. When reimbursed, users get rewarded with additional tokens that depend on how their past vote aligns with the current view.

:sparkles: The Carlson Protocol leverages how much people care. If you don’t care enough about a vote, you will find better usage for your bitcoins elsewhere.

:crossed_swords: The Carlson Protocol is a double-edged sword. The more bitcoins you lock in a vote, the greater your voice, but the lesser the reward and the longer your bitcoins will stay locked.

:statue_of_liberty: The Carlson Protocol is stateless. Votes never end, and results decay. Even the most one-sided votes will decay over time, offering the opportunity to reevaluate past consensus.

:muscle: The Carlson Protocol rewards the bold. Stand for your beliefs against the crowd. If the future proves you right, you will be rewarded.

I already started a POC here.

I’d like to have your opinion on it: is it something that you think can have a utility, or do you see any major flaw in the design. Maybe people from Factland might be interested (@kaxline), since I think it’s a bit similar to how Factland works (but stateless).

Thank you!


It’s really great that you keep re-improving the design ideas

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