Internet Computer Stack Exchange proposal -- NEW link!

need more dev users

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We just need votes on the more useful questions—they’ll want to reach 10 votes each.

A few more questions are needed too. If you’ve already posted 5 questions and you can think of more then feel free to add them to this thread for others to use…

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For someone facing issues logging in, sign up first. Once you’re signed in and your profile shows up on the top right, click on it and do the email verification

Once you’re verified, you’ll be able to interact

Also note, as a new user, we’re allowed 1 question every 3 minutes.


Another bump.
We need 27 more questions with 10 scores or more.
Stack exchange would be really helpful since most most of the questions are scattered across discord, here and telegram.
I can’t believe Cardano is in beta and we still in definition :laughing:


Major BUMP needed! ^^


Why It’s removed?