Integrating with the Internet Computer ledger

Airgapped approach is not available for the option?

a. Standard messages via canister’s interface : Despite its big-sounding name, the Ledger Canister is just another canister so any one person or canister can interact with it by sending it messages using the canister’s interface. This is how we expect most people will interact with it as it is very lightweight. This interface is NOT in the docs (yet) — we are updating it soon.

So, it looks like I’ve figured it out myself. There are two main advantages of Dfinity’s approach over ERCs. And I think one could find more.

  1. Onchain ledger frees us from writing other offchain tools to analyze this ledger. With ERCs it is not possible to access transaction history onchain.

  2. Separate method to reference some transaction lets you split send and call parts in time. It’s easy to imagine some “airdrop based on previous activity” usecase with this approach.

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I would be interested on how to call ledger methods inside a canister.
The thing I would like to do is to create a wallet(private key) inside a canister and afterwards send some coins to another wallet via the ledger.


Just wanted to say I really appreciate your explanation style… so helpful and conscientious. A rarity in technical spaces. Thanks so much. Onward and Upward.

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Thank you so very much!

Hi, were you able to fix this?

has the documentation for interacting with the ledger canister via a standard message from another canister been updated and released yet?

Good question, let me ping the team and find out.

Hi Jesse, not yet – we’re in the process of doing this

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ok. do you have an approximate date when the documentation might be released?

We develop the documentation in conjunction with the new Candid interface, which in turn is somewhat aligned with the “Canisters can transfer ICP” feature. This makes it a bit hard to estimate, but I would say 2 - 3 weeks.


Is the create-canister functions of the ledger going to be a part of the new public candid interface? is it going to change, and if it will change, will there be the documentation for it?

The ledger itself does not have a create-canister function, per se. Perhaps you may be referring to the method notify() which can be used to create canisters. Our plans are to modify/replace that method so I think that this replacement will not be immediately (if at all) available as part of the candid interface.

Got it, thanks. Yes I meant the functionality. Can it be public what the plans are for the change?