Increasing Decentralization & Reducing ICP Inflation with a Single Proposal

Good question, i cannot speak in specific to these months, but I will say node and voting ICP have two very different mechanisms so they dont always align.

  1. Voting ICP is based on an inflation function = There is a fixed % of ICP that gets minted every year and that % is divided among voters.

  2. Node provider ICP = node providers get ansomewhat fixed amount of XDR (a virtual currency). To keep it simple: node providers get enough ICP to meet a X amount of a currency called XDR. If ICP market price goes up, the NNS needs to mint less ICP to meet XDR amount. If ICP market price goes down, the NNS needs more ICP to meet the XDR amount.


This is true. The more nodes, each node gets remunerated.

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Well this is just disappointing…

Come here to voice opinions on governance about decentralization → asking people to leave the ecosystem.

Not the first time

I think the Post was self explanatory, what more explanation do you need?

Come here to voice complaints about being in the ecosystem and regretting their investment. → Being offered a solution that would yield results similar to what they asked for. :exploding_head:

Is this lysergin33?

Is your solution telling others to leave? In my opinion you should follow your solution and leave the ecosystem first and then tell others to do the same. No?

You say complaints, I say pointing out genuine issues.

I think your solution is an extremely lazy one and yields no value to Internet Computer

If you have no “complaints” you should stop shaming others who do just because you have no originality or value to add.

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Stake rewards should be aligned with the ICP growth.
This is obvious for any company or any economy.
Income can not be higher than revenue. Otherwise you’ll spiral to death.
Neuron investors need to understand that their greediness is gonna be the death of the whole exosystem.

IMO people who are standing in the way of decentralization are the advocates of censorship, spam proposals and decoy proposals. If you classify the token as an “investment” rather than utility token, then it automatically gets classified as an unregistered security issued by dfinity.

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I think it is disingenuous to say that neuron investors are greedy.

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So let me get this straight,

  1. You fail to answer all of my questions from a single post which was related to your previous post
  2. You censor my “off-topic” post but not Wenzel’s
  3. And yet again you’re here threatening me? Instead of answering this

The purpose of this topic is “increasing decentralization” / “sparking decentralization”, so why are my posts exactly off topic? @diegop Your posts sound like ad hominem, if anything else. Attacking the person instead of addressing the argument. Who’s gonna moderate your posts?

You just proved this

also you quietly removed this topic?

I don’t see any complaints from author of this topic, why are you and wenzel censoring me here? seems like you have something personal against me

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