Ic.rocks - The IC Explorer

New features:

  • Proposal history (very incomplete, only 1600 records, many early ones missing)
  • Known neurons (majority are genesis accounts and special neurons 1-4037)
  • Some neurons can be linked to accounts
  • Breakdowns of initial ICP allocations and genesis accounts


  • search canisters by a method-name
  • download csv data of each canister & of each subnet
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Feature suggestion:

  • a graph to show the ICP to be unlocked from neurons over time

Is it possible to add the ICP used to mint cycles in the “minted cycles over time” chart?

This is a great project.

Does anyone else experience sustained downtime on ic.rocks or is it just me?

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It is down right now. If you run it locally there is an api.ic.rocks endpoint that gets called. @wang Is the api portion also open source?? http://api.ic.rocks/

I cannot find a repository for it.

ic.rocks is down again :upside_down_face:

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This has been down for a while, is there any way to access it locally? Or is there a comparable alternative?

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How come that ic.rocks is so often down?
I can see that it was funded by some grant, so shouldn’t it be maintained?

I’ve contemplated doing one for ICDevs to port it to inside the IC, but it is a huge chunk of work and there are a number of tools that need to be developed first. A few people reached out to me to see if ICDevs could take it over, but Norton controls it and as far as I know, he’s not interested in handing it over to anyone. We’d need a pretty big endowment to take it over. It think it probably needs at least a part-time dev to maintain it and slowly add features.


I agree. Stability and speed of ic.rocks is just terrible. It takes ages to open and a lot of times (like today), it doesn’t open at all. Sigh

My last message was on March 6th, and not even single day from then the ic.rocks was up. So I would say it is completely inactive. And how is that covered by the grant, I still don’t understand…

Im pretty sure in order to get grant money you need to show updates/activity, the @wang guy has been inactive for months as far as i knew

Maybe this?