How to sign using ledger "send_dfx" to maintain full air gap

Thanks very much for this clue. I’ve gotten to the point in that I see a bunch of output like \x83\x02Nrequest_status\x83\x01... Would you mind letting me know, what am I looking at here? Is it ascii mixed with other stuff? and how do I decode it? Many thanks!

Based on this topic: Decode canister response to query request - #2 by chenyan

I’m pretty sure you mean the response needs to be decoded by didc. Is that correct?

But it’s still rather confusing:

  1. Is it really part of the process to ‘find and replace’ \x with \, to end up with a blob?
  2. What part of the overal response is to be decoded by didc? The whole thing? Everthing after the DIDL?
  3. I’m always getting this error no matter all the permutations I experiment with:

Error: Candid parser error: Unknown excape character b at 180..182

Can you please provide some more details about what you mean by “and decode”?

Thank you