How to see where cycles are being spent? which methods etc

Thank you @dragoljub_duric :grinning: for looking into this.
Its based on DIP20 token standard GitHub - Psychedelic/DIP20: DIP20: A fungible token standard for the DFINITY Internet Computer.
So I mean token transactions.

I’m surprised that canister level cycle tracking isn’t a higher priority, especially in such a new dev environment. :thinking:

haven’t been able to upgrade dfx version for the project because of this

tried removing the website asset canister from the project in the dfx.json config and removing the version lock “dfx”: “0.10.1” and then re deployed the token canister with latest “0.13.1” and it deployed the canister with out the usual error on any version past “0.10.1”
so hoping this might somehow help reduce the cycle bleed :crossed_fingers: