Hobbi, the disruptive social platform that changed the rules of the game

Hello community👋🏻, We are Zona Tres and we want to introduce you to Hobbi, the disruptive social platform that changed the rules of the game. Also we are part of the ICP Hub LATAM Community.

Hobbi is a technologically responsible social platform that from the beginning changes the “social network” model that seeks to maximize screen time by showing negative or dopamine-filled content, to one where people are helped to share the best of themselves and that returns to the concept of social networks. Seek to connect and grow.

:sparkles:One of the Web3 advantages is the ability to store a user profile as an NFT, making sure the user is owner of his information.

:brick:How is it built?
The canisters use Motoko. There are 3 of them, one to store the profile of the users as NFTs, one to store the posts of the user and another to make the https outcalls to the APIs we use to obtain the media metadata. The APIs we use are OpenLibrary for books, TheMovieDB for anything TV related, RAWG for videogames.
The frontend was built using React and Tailwind.

:muscle:t3:Also the Internet Computer superpowers will be the outcalls. A project like this wouldn’t be possible without this technology, since we need to gather a lot of information and metadata from all of the different forms of media a user could consume. Plus the fact that we can also have the whole frontend in the blockchain is also nice.

Right now users can post illimitably, however we could change this. We also have plans for you to be able to input your, say Xbox account and the app would recognize every game you’ve played and add it to your posts, which will definitely be a paid feature.

:white_check_mark:Status of the project
Right now it’s usable and you can post and share your profile with whomever you want. However, in the immediate future we would like to add reactions and comments to make the interactions with your profile more dynamic.

:rocket:Future Plans
Reactions and comments, and automatic posts using the sync feature described in monetization.

Important links:

Application: https://hobbi.me/

More Info

Github: GitHub - Zona-Tres/Hobbi: DApp para conectar con otros mediante sus pasatiempos.
YouTube link: https://youtu.be/20Kh4KU5GlI?si=0T2ivpqTNqI2P26v
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hobbi_me

Discord: Zona Tres


I am looking forward to you at home once released.


Thank you!!! we are excited✨

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Nice! You should think about how to create “fandoms” or superfan communities around content (books, movies, games, etc).

Have you talked to OpenChat or DSCVR? It would be great to combine functionalities of other SocialFi apps on ICP.

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Another interesting angle you could take is to launch an SNS DAO and have the DAO decide which communities can launch on the platform.

You can still list all media content. However, if a user wants to create a community around Death Note (the anime - Cristian would appreciate this example), for example, they must submit a proposal.

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Thank you @jennifertran in fact Hamish is a friend of us and he has been in some of our live spaces, but I haven’t thin about that, so thank for the tips!🫶🏽✨

I love the idea of the DAO, I think it would be a great success to go for that vertical, and above all for the community to decide which categories can be enabled, I personally love video games and also jijitsu kaisen, I would love it. Apart from new topics, there is a large community in them to be able to talk about those topics. Thank you very much @jennifertran ennifer for your valuable advice, I really appreciate it.:heart: