Help: Submit the SNS-W wallet principal ID to be whitelisted

Does the principal provided to --added-principals need to be from a wallet canister? Can we provide the principal from an identity, as long as its part of the hotkey of the proposer neuron?

I believe so. Primarily because the SNS canisters need to be funded with a total amount of 200T cycles (as far as I can recall) for deployment to the SNS subnet and this comes from the wallet that’s specified and hence this wallet becomes the controller that’s allowed to then deploy to the SNS subnet…

Thank you that makes sense.

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@saikatdas0790 if using the wallet address, which pem file do you use? Will any pem file work as long as the identity is a controller of the wallet?

Yeah, it needs to be a controller of the wallet.

Needless to say, the wallet needs to be a mainnet wallet holding at least 200T cycles (confirm this amount from the docs)

Also, the identity’s pem file needs to be stored in plaintext. Export and import your dfx stored identity using --storage-mode plaintext if it’s not stored as plaintext but using your keyring/keychain. quill chokes on those, you’ll need plaintext for quill/ic-admin

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