Help Iranian people with an uncensorable video-sharing app on ICP

Hello, Dear ICP community.

I m a solidity/frontend developer; I have followed the fantastic ICP community and the incredible Dfinity team since its official launch.
I’m Interested in ICP technology and know how it works and some basics about Motoko.

As you may know about the current condition in Iran, we are trying to get our simple human rights, and the government is killing people. The Internet is heavily filtered, and people feel hopeless about being alone soon.

Since Meta(Facebook) was helping the Iran government by filtering all the posts that use some keywords and also filtering WhatsApp and Instagram that signed up with Iranian numbers, I’m thinking about making a Decentralized video-sharing/social app.

With this app, people should be able to share their videos and pictures with the world and have a conversation with them; I tried OpenChat, and it’s good already. Still, I want to make an easy-to-use interface and login page that works with a simple email and password authentication.

The question is:

  1. Is that possible to Filter that kind of app?
  2. Is there possible to make an email/password authentication?
  3. What is the best and quick way to make this app with basic knowledge about Motoko?

Yes and No, it depends a lot on your threat model. By blocking the domain (including connected IPs) as a whole, the app would not be reachable anymore (at least in practice, not sure if there are some technicalities that would allow reaching it anyways). Only blocking this one app would not work.

Sending email outside does not work (yet? maybe it could be done with HTTPS outcalls) or some bridge service. But simply using login name and (hashed) passwords should work. Just remember that while canister data is not publicly accessible, at the moment a malicious node provider still could read your data.

I’m no expert in that, but my first place would be the samples page and filter by language = Motoko to see how others do things.


Thanks for your response :heart: