Dragginz DKP (SNS-1) Tokenomics

Actually minting a new token would be much simpler (and cleaner) than changing tokenomics of the existing one.

We already have ckBTC - BTC twin, on the way is ckETH - ETH twin + ckERC20 - <any>ERC20 twin… - which are twins of tokens from other blockchains.
I think it would be much easier to use same logic/code (where relevant…) to create SNS1 twin on the same blockchain/network (ICP) - called DKP, while changing 1:1 ratio to 1:100000000 (for example, :snowboarder:).

  • that would basically mean that on ICP exists only a single SNS1 base token, which can be referenced by 2 symbols/names/and-amounts-of-units (:heavy_dollar_sign:::moneybag:)
    • both fully functional, with all ICP advantages, living it’s own (independent) life (until conversion - minting/burning)
    • creating new use-cases for token wrapping :fire: :fire: :rocket:
    • everyone is happy :heart:

But indeed this is just an idea, it’s up to you guys how will these things be done, wishing you best of luck in either case (CCing also @borovan)!

Mentioning also @Manu (who I believe is closely involved (also) in ckBTC development) to save time and effort of stakeholders in case that such ICP-Native-Token-Wrapping would be not realistic :pray: