Dfx 0.13.1 is promoted with breaking changes

This should be resolved. See this thread. Is there anything else that doesn’t work as expected?

Ok great, looks like that solution works for raw.ic0.app :+1:

But it seems raw.icp0.io still redirects to icp0.io

But at least we can use raw.ic0.app for now

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Did you upgrade your asset canister? If no, then it won’t have the update to icp0.io in it. Otherwise it should always redirect to icp0.io

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Hey @Severin, https://5pati-hyaaa-aaaal-qb3yq-cai.icp0.io/
here is an asset canister, I deployed a game in it. Now if you look in this URL it’s working fine.
But raw.icp0.io to ic0.app domain. And since it’s a new canister, ic0.app is not supported.

Also, all files are getting served fine. Like : https://5pati-hyaaa-aaaal-qb3yq-cai.raw.icp0.io/ProdBuild.data.br only base raw url is getting redirected.
I do --mode reinstall in deploy command, I guess that’s upgrade asset canister.

I don’t get redirected and can’t see any redirect responses in the network tab. You mean that happens when I navigated to https://5pati-hyaaa-aaaal-qb3yq-cai.raw.icp0.io/, right?

yes exactly. above url.
Edit : Issue is resolved, thanks for getting involved.