Decentralized AI (DeAI) Grant Application

I am applying for a $5k Developer Grant.

I am going to build a decentralized AI assistant in Blockchain.
Please review my application and discuss! See DFINITY’s directions for becoming a registered reviewer attached below. They will be collected by DFINITY. When one week passes, DFINITY will release them and they will appear as a new section on this post.

Please review my application and discuss! If you would like to submit an official review, then please use the links below to register, see the rubric, and submit a review.

I’m looking forward to everyone’s input!

Reviewer Registration ,
Submit Review

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Hey @soloking,

welcome to the ICP forum!
It seems that you haven’t copied & pasted the entire application template. Could you please edit this post and the actual grant proposal?

I didn’t recieved the template, how to add airtable link as a component in this .

Victor, it was an attachment to the email you were sent. I will send the attachment again.

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