Cycle balance monitoring service?

I am running a few canisters, mostly for demonstration purpose (e.g. the Capture the ICP canister, a Telegram bot, the Barrier canister, a demonstration of certified HTTP requests in Motoko), but I don’t interact with them often, so I wouldn’t notice if they run low on cycles.

Has anyone already built a service that monitors canister and sends me an email if they are about to be frozen?

You might wonder how that would be possible, given that canister_status and thus the cycle count is secret by default. But you can make it public: Add the blackhole canister as the controller, and it will make your canister information public (without any other negative effects).

In fact, it would be great if would recognize the blackhole canister among a canister controllers and if it sees it there, use it to fetch and display the canister information. Maybe even with pretty graphs and statistics on cycle consumption! What do you think, @wang?


We’ve been writing a canister monitoring service, but have not made use of the black_hole canister, and have been doing so in Rust. It does not yet send notifications. Happy to walk you through our code if it is of any use.

Oh, I could probably write such a service, I just don’t want to :-). I’m hoping for a website where I just paste my canister id and email and that’s it.

Please see Worry about your favorate canister running low on cycles? You got it covered!

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Somehow I’m not surprised that you are providing the solution here :slight_smile: