Convert Candid to JSON

I will put some work into examples. With a bit of luck I will encounter any issues you are seeing and be able to iron them out.

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awesome, thank you for looking into this!

@bitdivine btw I am also getting issues using ic_agent package in rust. This is how I setup the call to made for read_state_canister_metadata

let metadata: Vec<u8> = ic_agent::agent::Agent::read_state_canister_metadata(
    &"candid:service".to_string() // Not sure if this is the correct one

I had to include getrandom = { version = "0.2", features = ["js"] } but after deploying I am getting 2 errors

error[E0004]: non-exhaustive patterns: `Some(_)` not covered
   --> /.cargo/registry/src/
558 |             match retry_policy.next_backoff() {
    |                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ pattern `Some(_)` not covered
note: `std::option::Option<std::time::Duration>` defined here
   --> /.rustup/toolchains/stable-aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/rustlib/src/rust/library/core/src/
563 | pub enum Option<T> {
    | ------------------
571 |     Some(#[stable(feature = "rust1", since = "1.0.0")] T),
    |     ^^^^ not covered
    = note: the matched value is of type `std::option::Option<std::time::Duration>`
help: ensure that all possible cases are being handled by adding a match arm with a wildcard pattern or an explicit pattern as shown
578 ~                 None => return Err(AgentError::TimeoutWaitingForResponse()),
579 ~                 Some(_) => todo!(),

error[E0308]: mismatched types
  --> /.cargo/registry/src/
36 |     pub fn create<U: Into<String>>(url: U) -> Result<Self, AgentError> {
   |            ------                             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ expected `Result<ReqwestTransport, AgentError>`, found `()`
   |            |
   |            implicitly returns `()` as its body has no tail or `return` expression
   = note:   expected enum `Result<ReqwestTransport, AgentError>`
           found unit type `()`

Also getting non-exhaustive patterns: Some(_) not covered from ic-agent 0.29.0

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I am experiencing the same issue with ic-agent.

Hello all. I’m really sorry, I’ve not been able to make any progress on this. I am working like crazy on several things and I’m not getting enough sleep, let alone a few hours to address this. Maybe I’ll get a breather over Christmas and I can look into this then.

hey bumping this, did anybody fix the non-exhaustive pattern error?

Ignore this - turns out we were using the canister builder when it was the wrong package… should have just used the management canister interface.