Controlling Neurons through NNS

I’m trying to better understand the following from the NNS medium article:

  • ManageNeuron (#NeuronManagement, Restricted Voting)
    This type of proposal calls a major function on a specified target neuron. Only the followees of the target neuron may vote on these proposals, which effectively provides the followees with control over the target neuron. This can provide a convenient and highly secure means for a team of individuals to manage an important neuron. For example, a neuron might hold a large balance, or belong to an organization of high repute, and be publicized so that many other neurons can follow its vote. In both cases, managing the private key of the principal securely could be problematic. (Either a single copy is held, which is very insecure and provides for a single party to take control, or a group of individuals must divide responsibility — for example, using threshold cryptography, which is complex and time consuming). To address this using this proposal type, the important neuron can be configured to follow the neurons controlled by individual members of a team. Now they can submit proposals to make the important neuron perform actions, which are adopted if and only if a majority of them vote to adopt. (Submitting such a proposal costs a small fee, to prevent denial-of-service attacks.) Nearly any command on the target neuron can be executed, including commands that change the follow rules, allowing the set of team members to be dynamic. Only the final step of dissolving the neuron once its dissolve delay reaches zero cannot be performed using this type of proposal, since this would allow control/“ownership” over the locked balances to be transferred. (The only exception to this rule applies to not-for-profit organizations, which may be allowed to dissolve their neurons without using the initial private key.) To prevent a neuron falling under the malign control of the principal’s private key by accident, the private key can be destroyed so that the neuron can only be controlled by its followees, although this makes it impossible to subsequently unlock the balance.

How do I authorize followees that are allowed to vote on my Manage Neuron Proposals? Is it anyone that follows my neuron? If people follow my neuron can they change it with a simple vote? Can the Neuron controller veto these proposals?

Or is it the opposite and anyone that my neuron follows on the manage neuron topic I am giving them rights to vote on managing my neuron?

Unless I’m missing something important this seems like an odd feature or at least poorly documented.

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