Comprehensive Overview of Gold DAO

This is why we relaunched ours. The minimum and maximum targets relate purely to direct participation. The Neuron Fund amount is calculated according to how much $ICP is raised from direct participants according to the curve you mentioned. At the end of the sale, as long as the minimum direct participation target is reached (in this case, 200k) the Neuron Fund contributes the calculated amount.

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I just ran a test and it appears that the neurons fund is still contributing about 0.9 ICP for every 1 ICP committed directly. Hence, it seems like this SNS swap will likely end much sooner than one would think just by watching the progress bar.

Edit: It appears the neuron’s fund will only contribute another 58,245.77 ICP.

Yes, correct within the new Matched Funding framework the minimum and maximum funding targets are specified with respect to the direct commitment only. Hence, only the direct commitment appears in the progress bar. The contribution by the Neurons’ Fund is considered to be an add-on.

The maximum possible commitment by the Neurons’ Fund is displayed on left hand side of the UX, see below.


It’s estimated there is between 200-250 times more paper ‘gold’ than physical above ground gold. If gold investors trade in even a small amount of their gold ETF or other paper derivatives for an equal value amount of gold backed NFTs or NFT backed GLDT tokens, this would create massive demand for physical gold and lead to massive price increases. Could wide spread adoption of gold backed NFTs and GLDT be the catalyst that brings gold up to its fair value?

Also, is a silver backed NFT with its own fungible token being considered as a future product?

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  • Dev Team: 180 million tokens (18%), released over 24 months with a 3-month delay, aligning with the project’s long-term success. Those funds are used for 2 years as incentives for the team.

Why does the DEV group keep so much Gold DAO but only lock it for 24 months? What is the reason? Why not lock it for 5-7 years

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The currently set maximal dissolve delay in the GoldDAO SNS is 2 years. So the team is locking up for the max duration at the moment. However, there are discussions ongoing to extend the max dissolve delay, similar to ICP (8 years) or ORIGYN (5 years) and respectively lock up team tokens for longer. This is also open for debate within the SNS after the SNS is complete.


To celebrate the imminent creation of GoldDAO we have already added the GLDT token to this open-source ICRC-1 wallet here:

Just waiting for balances to become available.



On the dashboard Reward Rate is disabled so you must be using some other mechanism to reward voters with OGY tokens instead of GLDGov, correct? How does that work?

edit: nevermind I misread the white paper. The rewards are in the form of GLDGov, but it’s coming from the treasury instead of through typical SNS rewards, so the question of how it works still stands.

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Are there any officials? I lost 20 ICP, but I didn’t get any GLDGOV tokens.

I have the same question @Dustin. Do voting rewards for Gold DAO neurons earn maturity? Is that maturity awarded in GLDGov tokens from the Gold DAO treasury when maturity is spawned into new neurons?

I sent a few gold dao to this new wallet and it shows no balance.

I participated in a total of 500ICP crowdfunding in the previous period, and also participated in the “GOLD DAO” crowdfunding at the end of the “launch pad”. He was deducted 20ICP, a total of 520ICP, but only showed participation in 500ICP, and the 20ICP was lost. Is there a bug in the IC or is there a vulnerability elsewhere。

How long does receiving coins take on this icrc-1 wallet

I added GLDT which is the upcoming fungible gold token. If you sent GLDGov then you have to add that token manually. To do so click on the big blue + button next to the search field while you are on the Assets tab. That takes you to the “Add asset” dialog. Click on the “Add asset manually” text. Then paste these canister ids:

Token contract address: tyyy3-4aaaa-aaaaq-aab7a-cai
Token index address: efv5g-kqaaa-aaaaq-aacaa-cai

I took those two canister ids from here: SNS DAO: Gold DAO - ICP Dashboard

Then click “Test” and some green text should appear. Then click “Save”. Then you should see this in your asset list:

and it should pick up your balance, too.

UPDATE: GLDGov is now also a pre-configured asset that can be added simply by choosing it from a list. So the manual steps given above are no longer needed. Screenshot:

I previously added gold dao manually and then pressed receive. It shows the wallet address to copy. I copied the address and when to my nns wallet and sent it. It’s been approximately 5 hrs and my wallet still has a 0 balance.

I’m posting this message linked below from the Gold DAO community on OpenChat just in cast someone else is looking for a solution to this problem described above.

Call the error_refund_icp method in the Gold DAO swap canister (t7z6p-ryaaa-aaaaq-aab7q-cai) using your principal ID. Here is a link.

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i just open the web but these nothing where i can write down my id there sir,help me sir

Pada Sel, 2 Jan 2024 05.17, Wenzel Bartlett via Internet Computer Developer Forum <> menulis:

Scroll down to “Canister Methods”, expand the method error_refund_icp, check the checkbox source_principal_id and then enter your principalId in that field.

Do voting rewards for Gold DAO neurons earn maturity? Is that maturity awarded in GLDGov tokens from the Gold DAO treasury when maturity is spawned into new neurons?

Hi @wpb @Archetypal , thanks for asking these questions. We are currently working out the details of the exact reward mechanism. As we didn’t want an inflationary model for GLDGov, the direct rewards were deactivated. The rewards of each neuron will be proportional to the voting power which is public information that can be fetched for each neuron. We’ll share details about this once it’s more clearly defined.