CBOR plug in or tools?

We probably have 20ICP we can put behind it from ICDevs right away. We just need to write up the simplest path forward. I’m guessing it is something along the lines of adding a tab to the dev tools via a plug-in that looks for cbor and decodes it and then further decodes any candid it finds?

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That makes a lot of sense. I went straight to patching devtools core :laughing:. I’ve yet to parse the output even manually, but getting that down then building a little devtools extension seems like the shortest critical path.

Dove into this a bit today. What we’re getting back from a canister is b64 encoded byte array. Getting that to play nicely with cbor.me was a matter of hex encoding it. Now I just need to throw Candid decoding in there. Am I crazy, or is it only possible encode/decode Candid if you have type data? agent-js seems to be providing types as well as args for each encode/decode event. If so, I suppose the extension would have to provide a way to map an interface onto a canister in order to function.

If you can use web assembly in the extension, you could probably compile the Candid crate to decode it without having to do a bunch of extra work in JS

Interesting… was thinking of grabbing @dfinity/candid/idl.js -> decode() and its deps.

Here’s the repo: GitHub - jorgenbuilder/chrome-dfinity-decoder: Decode responses from the Dfinity blockchain in chrome devtools


Stuck for the moment on decoding the candid.

Made an attempt at building a wasm from the Candid crate and importing it into the extension. Import seems to work (would likely require some additional work to get into the chrome web store,) but I don’t know any rust so didn’t really get it to actually do anything.

didc makes quick work of decoding the bytes without types though, so I know it can be done.

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Some success using a hacked version of the agent-js code today:


Create a CBOR developer plugin - #5

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This bounty gives the opportunity to

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  • learn how CBOR encoding works
  • learn how Candid encodings work
  • learn how the Internet Computer communicates with other applications

The developer will need to create a plug-in for Google Chrome in the style of react developer tools. This plug in should detect when CBOR has been sent or recieved from a server and be able to display that CBOR content in a more readable format. The user should be able to switch between a candid view/motoko data view/rust data view/json view. This will allow the user to copy and paste the data easily in to test harneses if they need to.

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Hey…just wanted to remind everyone that we have an open bounty for this. @jorgenbuilder 's latest progress is at GitHub - jorgenbuilder/chrome-dfinity-decoder: Decode responses from the Dfinity blockchain in chrome devtools and someone could pick up and run with it.


I slapped a UI on what I had so far and have a release pending review in the chrome web store. I think this will serve as a fine alpha release, and I’ve started adding issues for future releases to the github repo.


We’re live on the chrome webstore :slight_smile:


For decoding Candid message online, you can try https://fxa77-fiaaa-aaaae-aaana-cai.raw.ic0.app/explain

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Any idea why the tool doesn’t work with https://app.sonic.ooo ?

@coin_master It was a problem with the url capture regex. I’ve updated it and capture on sonic.ooo is working now. The 0.0.6 release with this change should be live on the web store any minute now. Thanks for letting me know!

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Sonic uses some url entries into the internet computer that I hadn’t seen before. I recently swapped from capturing IC requests based on content types to capturing them based on urls (as of now, *.(ic0.app|dfinity.network|localhost:*)/api/v2/canister/<canister>/<method> ). I opened up that matcher a bit in order to work well with sonic, but there may yet be some URLs to add to this list, or perhaps it’s the wrong mechanism to identify IC requests :man_shrugging:

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I cannot find out how to use this. In an app that talks to the IC (based on icfront) I open the debug tools and in the network tab I expect a ‘decoder’ tab. But it does not appear. See this:

How can I get the CBOR tab?

It shold be at the end on the right of your tab bar. Maybe check settings that it is enabled or restart chrome?

I found that after restarting the browser it worked. This is really useful. Thanks!!