Blatant Spamming Rewards

Blatant Spamming Rewards
The NNS has a spamming problem and although there have been attempts to rectify this situation there has been none.

Therefore I would like to see the NNS be able to reclaim any and all rewards given to spamming proposals. It’s not like we don’t know who they are as they are always rejected and this was the comment made by one:

This is NNS’s problem, even if I don’t send it, someone else will send it.

At present if we as a community reject a proposal on the belief that it is spam I get rewarded. If you are a scammer and blatantly put forward these proposal then I have to assume that you also have a following of voters that know when you will be putting up these proposals

A recent neuron owners post of Twitter
Recently, the revenue has decreased a bit. My guess is that the proportion of motion proposals has decreased due to the increase in daily maintenance proposals. Shall we move from two spam proposals per day to three spam proposals per day?
yes 63.6%
no 27.3%

I propose that all rewards past and present from the known spammers be returned to where they came and removed from lock accounts which would then deter this behavior.

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