Assigned: Bounty #46 - Candy Library Documentation and Refactoring - $2,000

I finally decided to upgrade the internals of the StableBuffer to match the base implementation (using [var ?X] instead of [var X]. (thanks @tomijaga for your contribution).

This should make the task of extending StableBuffer to match the base buffer library implementation much easier/quicker.


I’ve put in for an approval for a bounty to fund the rest of the work. We will.see what Dfinity says.


@skilesare Documented as well - Document by darkdrag00nv2 · Pull Request #17 · icdevs/candy_library · GitHub

One more thing, I had configured GitHub pages in the CI but you’ll have to enable it in the settings since I don’t have access to the repo. Can you enable it using these instructions: Configuring a publishing source for your GitHub Pages site - GitHub Docs

For the branch, please select gh-pages and the root (default) as the folder. After that we should have the documentation website up :smile:

@skilesare Gentle reminder for the above PR.

Getting an error on this run on the 0.2.0 branch where we use the new let else symtax. I think moc 0.8.7 needs to be copied to the dfx cache? Any chance you could make that change and a pull request? Hopefully we get dfx 14 soon.

Sure, let me check that and will make a PR in 1-2 days.

@skilesare Update moc to 0.8.7 by darkdrag00nv2 · Pull Request #20 · icdevs/candy_library · GitHub for fixing the CI.