Assets loading on deployed website canister is slow

Hey there!

I’ve recently deployed a frontend canister (a website) to ICP. There are about 10ish images in total on the website (I’ve previously compressed them to as small of a size as possible) and the total size of all images is around 550kb. There are also two custom fonts involved. Other than that it’s just some HTML and CSS for styling (minimized).

Website opens up and takes about 2 seconds or so to load all images / styles / fonts. You can even see the process of it changing while it’s loading the images and adjusting the styles.

This pretty much looks like I’m using the cheapest web host server to host the website due to loading speeds. Is there anything that can be done to speed up the process (like adding a lot more cycles to the canister, which I doubt helps) or similar?

Why does it load assets so slowly?

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Bump since there was no response for 2 days

I think other people have run into a similar problem.

Check out this post for more details: Simplest example of http streaming chunks in Motoko - #9 by peterparker

I do hope this gets faster though… My guess is that some of that latency is due to boundary nodes?

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