Are multiple node providers allowed in the same data center?

My partner plans to set up a node in Asia and join the node provider. If other node providers already exist in this data center, do you allow two node providers to choose one data center to provide nodes at the same time?

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Hi @jueming, yes that is actually possible and in some cases already happening right now. If a data center record already exists in the registry (you can see this in the internet computer dashboard: this can be used by you for creating a node operator proposal. The registry will keep track of the decentralization rates for each subnet so that subnets are as decentralized as possible across data centers.


@SvenF Hello SvenF, I have another question. Is there a mandatory requirement for the number of nodes in the same region? For example, in Hong Kong, I see multiple node providers. Can additional nodes be added if the number exceeds 50?

Hi @jueming the maximum number of node machines in one country is separate (orthogonal) to the number of node providers. So if the maximum number of node machines is exceeded, no new node machines can be added for any node provider. Please have a look at the forum posts on IC topology for a more extensive description: forum post 1 and forum post 2.