Announcing motoko unofficial!


Motoko is the world’s most advanced smart contract language.

Also is a new, modern and type safe language. In addition, it is developer-friendly and specifically designed to support the unique features of the Internet Computer, and so on.

Same as other new languages, it only has some basic libraries, and many useful libraries are not implemented, and this has become an obstacle for some developers to use it. e.g.

Therefore, it is necessary to promote the development of the motoko library in the form of an open source organization

What is it

Motoko unofficial is an open source organization whose sole purpose is to empower and promote the Motoko language.

The specific things are:

  1. Maintain an awesome motoko list with the community, and look forward to the community recommending more excellent motoko libraries
  2. Listen to the needs of project parties who use motoko as a development language in the IC ecosystem, and contact more Motoko developers to develop related libraries.
  3. Other things that can enhance and promote the Motoko language.




GitHub: motoko-unofficial · GitHub

Forum:Profile - motoko-unofficial - Internet Computer Developer Forum


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How to participate

  1. Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first: GitHub - motoko-unofficial/awesome-motoko: A curated list of Motoko code and resources.
  2. building more library, e.g. Rust library, Python library

^ This is a great resource, thanks for sharing.


New library add:

  • Canister Tip Jar - Donate cycles to your favorite canisters on the Internet Computer and keep them live and healthy.
  • - Motoko module of a mutable queue data structure.
  • ic-logger - Motoko library to help create an append-only logger actor.
  • ecdsa-motoko - ECDSA for Motoko.
  • libsecp256k1 - Pure Motoko Implementation of secp256k1.
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New library add:

  • motoko-sha2 - All hash functions from the SHA2 family (sha224, sha256, sha512-224, sha512-256, sha384, sha512).