Announcement - NNS Explained YouTube series


  • We will start a new NNS Explained YouTube video series.
  • The videos will include high level concepts, how to interact with the NNS, and how to verify proposals in depth.
  • New videos will be posted weekly and presented in this forum thread.


We have observed a spike in interest from the ICP community to learn more about the NNS in video format. Given the importance of the NNS in the ICP ecosystem, we decided to start a new YouTube series called NNS Explained.


In the videos, we plan to cover topics around

  • A high level overview and motivation of the NNS
  • How users can get and stake ICP and how they can participate in the NNS DAO
  • How (advanced) users can verify proposals of different topics

We plan to aim for multiple short videos, each focused on a particular topic.


We aim to roughly publish one video at the beginning of every week.


We will publish the videos under this YouTube series so that they are easy to find. In addition, we will announce new videos with a brief description of what they cover here in this post and on social media.

What do we ask from you?

The videos aim at users who would like to become more involved with NNS governance. If you find them useful, please feel free to forward them and share them with other users who have questions. If you have follow up questions or feedback, you are invited to share them on this forum.

Thanks for your interest!


In the first video, which was published today, is an Introduction to the NNS.
In this video, I give a brief overview of the NNS, what role it plays in ICP’s architecture, and how proposals work on a high level.


New NNS Explained video is out! This video addresses newcomers, and explains how to create an Internet Identity, and send ICP to the NNS dapp. You can find the video here.


Any ETA on the how to verify proposals? Would have been nice to have it before the Grant deadline to get a clear view of what is expected. Ty

Hi @Lisa,

for the final series and the order in which we promote videos, we wanted to simulate the journey of a new user who would first get ICP, stake them, get voting, and then verify proposals.

This being said, for some videos if we already have them ready, we can already add them to the series on YouTube so those who need them can find and refer to them already. We just did so for the video that explains how to verify NNS governance upgrade proposals and you can find it here.
Note however that the videos mainly focus on how to read and interpret a proposal and how to verify the build hashes etc. They do not for example include how one could summarise the features / work that on did or other things that would be expected to get the voting grants. I still hope this helps as initial input to better understand the required work.