Am I being phished or is this legitimate support from toniq

Wondering how to verify if this support is infact the correct step to recover my icp from a issue with Volt Transfer on toniq, prompting for my seedphrase through rpc portal which is a non issue as I can change wallets afterwards

Not sure how to verify if Tickets or patrickbozo is infact a mod of toniq or not and if these are the normal steps indeed for recovering stuck icp

Any help appreciated

So, I don’t know this user’s account, but never give a stranger your seed phrase

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It’s the official toniq discord I am being told to connect my wallet to but the only way to connect my wallet is to use my phrase, I have a lot of icp stuck on Volt so I would like assistance

The thing is, anyone can create a website. Everything about this interaction looks like phishing. Take a deep breath and block this user. They are playing off your fears and trying to pressure you into making a bad decision.

There is no rush in getting this fixed - the real team will probably get to you eventually

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if this is a phishing issue, why are everyday users able to respond to tickets in the toniq discord ?

My volt is stuck on loading indefinitely… I haven’t given my seedphrase and will not, thanks.

check their role in the discord - it looks like someone just set their display name to Tickets and dm’d you. They have the same color username, so they seem to have the same role as you

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I understand l, still this is way to confusing for me ( I don’t use discord a lot )

Seems like an easy way for many people to get scammed with the discord support system as it is

Not sure how the scammer did the chat part below, I don’t use discord heavily so I’m unsure of alot of the nuances

It appeared back in my wallet ( the icp ) from.the volt transfer

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Please keep in mind that NEVER believe a guy that want you to provide seed phrase to do sth, even the guy declare that he/she come from dfinity, the guy that want you to provide seed phrase 100% is a scammer.


Adding insult to injury.