Will this be the next disaster after utopia?

@ Dominic, how about you AI Company? What’s it all about? Will it be AI for Enterprise like be utopia? And we icp holders are looking through our fingers again? Thestage AI Stiftung, in Zug… Swiss
:point_right: Thestage AI Stiftung in Zug - Auskünfte | Moneyhouse


Bye bye to the AI narrative like the UTOPIA narrative? WTF, are they doing anything to benefit the icp token holders?

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LOL, no surprise here—just another day at Dfinity, following their usual playbook.


Dom said that “something something new was coming within the field of AI that was originally conceived for use by those running UTOPIA serverless clouds, which will now land on the Internet Computer first and probably be the biggest thing that happened to the ecosystem”. Maybe this is what he was talking about.

The company already did some things for Huawei and Nissan. Not sure what it does exactly, is supposedly a “full stack AI platform” and I also found a hardware marketplace.


Dominic’s name is not on the website, but Alexander Egorov is and the project is also interacting with the icp ecosystem.


Edit: Have found more. Seems promising.


Sick website!
Pls share the extra info you found! :slight_smile:

thestage.ai Looks like a Vast.ai Kopie

We need answers ASAP!