Why were seed neurons locked on launch?

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This is actually a fair question.

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yeah sorry if it sounds abrasive but I need to know why seed neurons were locked. It still dumped so why lock them. Also no fud but someone could in theory submit a proposal to unlock the remaining seed neurons, and that itself could cause a further decline in price. It honestly seems that it would have been optimal to unlock all seed tokens on listing.

You don’t have to quote this in every post you write here. Yeah, we know you got “insider” info, who cares? No one can verify if your claim is true or not.

Also this is a developer forum. We developers come here to take part in technical discussions, not your (non-stop) whining about token prices.

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Didn’t he himself admit that he made some wrong calculations in that thread? It was embarrassing to see an economist getting basic arithmetic wrong.

I actually agree with this one. Please submit a proposal and let community vote and decide.

He did make a (very reasonable arithmetic) mistake. I don’t hold it against him. He admitted it and corrected it.

I am astounded at the cultural memory from @808mafia to reference a Twitter thread from 10 months ago that was deleted and corrected by the author… to know that, I must assume they read everything in IC ecosystem.

I tend to agree that its not wise to lock seed investors for so long. If they were unlocked many of them could invest ICP in projects built on the IC, at the moment that ICP is sitting there doing nothing …

for what its worth the first post should not be hidden, I know the user is spamming the forum but this is a valid question and we don’t what to create an environment where it looks like we are hiding information and moderating negative comments.


I also think it’s a fair question.


@diegop Why were seed neurons locked on launch?

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Bump! Also wondering

I’m going to speculate that it was a requirement from later investors, could be totally wrong though.

How many of you guys remember reading the terms and conditions at the time?

dfinity scammers wont respond to the question?

they are not scammers BTW