Why is my wallet continuously depleting?

So I deployed I think to mainnet for one of the examples:

dfx wallet --network ic balance

8302718799436 cycles

Is there any way to stop it?

Great question.

Because the wallet is ALSO a canister so it consumes computation and storage. The intent of the IC is that ultimately all computation and storage is paid for within the system. This Intent is not fully realized as there are still things that are free in the IC (like query calls) and not charged.

In other systems, all wallets pay to be hosted somewhere by someone… within the IC, these cycles wallets are paid by the owner of them.

Does that make sense?

(I should note that I am a strong believer that the UX of cycles wallets is far from perfect and I think the developer flow of cycles wallets is due for a clean up, so not saying it’s perfect… but i did want to explain).

Hope that helps.


Just to add some more info on the draining cycles: Given the storage cost of roughly 5$/GB per year, and the wallet .wasm module size of ~1.3 MB, this should cost you less than a cent per year.

We (the SDK team) agree and are trying to find a better solution.