Which internet identities were created on this date?

A friend of mine signed up for an internet identity on 25 February 2022. He didn’t write down his internet identity number. He can’t log in to the internet identity without his number obviously. Luckily he sent me a message on openchat the same day that he created the internet identity.


Is there a way for me to see which internet identity numbers were created on 25 February 2022?

The IC dashboard has a chart that shows Internet Identity Anchors growth over time, which you can use to determine the anchors created during a specific time window.

  • Go to the home page.
  • Click the :mag: icon next to the Internet Identity Anchors sparkline chart to expand it to a large chart.
  • Click the 1Y button under the chart to set the date range to one year.
  • Use the sliders under the chart to zoom the chart in to the dates you’re interested in.
  • Hover over the chart to see the total count of anchors at that time.
  • Add 10,000 to the number of anchors to get the anchor number (anchor numbers started at 10000).

Doing this, you can narrow the number of anchors created on 25 February 2022 down to a few hundred.

If you know a more narrow time window when the anchor was created, you can use the IC dashboard API to narrow it down further. For example, the following query is for Fri Feb 25 2022 20:00:00 GMT+0000 to Fri Feb 25 2022 21:00:00 GMT+0000 at 10-minute intervals:
Just plug in your start and end UNIX timestamps, and remember to add 10,000 to the returned numbers of anchors to convert to anchor numbers.


Amazing detail. Thank you. I’ll return back with the results.

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My friend found his correct internet identity using the method you described above. I gave him a list of 89 identities and he found it after trying 15 times. Thanks again!

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That’s awesome, I’m glad he found it! :anchor: