Where is India?

Apologies for the clickbait-esque title but I’d really like to engage the community in a worthwhile conversation towards “mass” adoption.

Myself and likely many of you believe that among other things, the IC provides unique value as individuals can not only read but crucially write data on a blockchain without necessarily requiring tokens and thus a financial barrier associated with it.

At this point we’ve all seen “The Problem with NFT’s” and while that’s a separate discussion in itself. One thing is clear, we need to put forward tools that provide true value to the user. Not a “financial opportunity” with closer ties to gambling than anything else. (They have their place but currently TOO MUCH imo)

Without getting too political, the future of decentralized tech within China and Russia is muddled at best. But the people of India and their legislators have yet to stick to one narrative. They are waiting to witness the true value.

Please criticize any above statement but my obvious conclusion is that we should work towards creating stronger ties with India as a whole. There is immense opportunity in a nation of hardworking people with access to the necessary tech to login/engage but without the money to spend on ridiculous fees.

Before this becomes a ramble I’ll be bringing this up in the upcoming community call on Discord. So if you’re interested, see you there!

I’m not sure if we should single out any one country (no matter how big, like India). We as the IC community both developers and users alike should strive to make connections with every country. Or rather create products and services that provide value to everyone regardless of their place of origin.

This I believe is currently going slow, because dapp developers are focusing exclusively on the technology to develop interesting dapps, which is happening in English, excluding people who don’t speak the language. However translating dapps is not trivial. Expensive in both developer and translator time.

Language aside I believe the IC is seeing more and more dapps with better and better quality that provide value to everyone. I’m really excited about the dapps to come and the future improvements to current dapps!