What is "Start" button on this screenshot?

What is “Start” button on this screenshot? (What does it do?)

It’s to change a topic to in progress. Probably should not be accessible to everyone. I’ll ask the team…

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A topic has a status that can currently be one of #open, #next, #completed, #closed.

That “start” button is for topic-editors to set the status of the topic into #open, meaning that some resources are currently allocated to reaching the status #completed (i.e., actually doing what the topic describes).

By contrast, #next is a stage before #open, where the topic is approved but stalled waiting for some reason.

Before the topic is public-facing (modStatus = #approved), the submitting user can edit the status with this start button.

But, when a moderator does eventually approve it, they will also set the status correctly, presumably to #open or #next in most cases (or possibly #completed, depending).

Once a topic is #approved, it can no longer be edited by non-moderators, and in particular, the topic status cannot be changed by the submitter any longer.

But to avoid confusion, perhaps it makes sense to change the logic so that the submitting user can edit, but not set the status, of the topic (which will always be #next, initially. Then the start button wouldn’t be displayed for them at all.

More technically, the start button tries to call this setTopicStatus function in the backend business logic, setting the status to #open.

The current backend logic guards these calls with function assertCallerCanEdit, which prevents anyone except the submitter or a moderator to edit the topic.

This backend logic checks that:

  • the user is a valid user
  • the topic is a valid topic
  • either the user is a moderator, OR, the user is the one who submitted the topic, to be approved by some moderator, perhaps after edits and rejection comments.

My submitted topic is not shown at https://jyjde-bqaaa-aaaap-abcda-cai.icp0.io/

Does it mean that it is now in moderation and will be again shown again if moderated positively?