What is Internet Identity? - A custom element for web apps

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Inspired from what Distrik displays on their launch screen (kudos to them), I published an accessible custom element that summarizes what is Internet Identity. It can be integrated in any web apps.

npm install @papyrs/what-is-internet-identity

Repo & short readme :point_right: GitHub - papyrs/what-is-internet-identity: A custom element that summarizes what is Internet Identity

Hope it can be helpful.


Interestingly enough, you don’t really need a security key or a Ledger. You can simply use Windows Hello with a Windows Hello Pin, which every time you authenticate, it’ll prompt you to enter your Windows Hello Pin, all without the need of an additional physical key/ledger.

Made a neat script that allows me to log into the NNS without having to touch my PC given there’s so many steps to do it manually compared to Web2.

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