Voting is open for a new IC release - 6d21535

Hello there!

we are happy to announce that voting is now open for a new IC release .
The NNS proposal is here: IC NNS Proposal 121694.

Release Notes

  • [3cf87854c] Consensus: feat(): Return deleted artifact IDs from pool mutations
  • [2540dd959] Consensus: feat(): Trait definitions for byte based BatchPayloadBuilder
  • [bbe84083a] Crypto: feat(crypto) Zeroize old secret key store when writing new content
  • [99fe7aa04] Crypto: feat(crypto): implement low-level batched verification of BLS signatures
  • [8ed1a3ddf] Crypto: fix(crypto): retain active keys run time discrepancy in benchmarks
  • [b04604d28] Execution: feat: Alternate priority between system tasks and normal messages
  • [e3cd56c41] Networking: [Onchain Observability] Use feature flag to enable adapter
  • [cf5623c39] Networking: chore: ignore the NodeTopology field when deserializing SubnetTopologyEntry
  • [f0b84649f] Networking: chore: introduce a JoinGuard trait instead of leaking JoinGuards for different event loops/actors
  • [fcf49d025] Networking: chore: remove the private_api field from the NodeRecord
  • [1eb359869] Node: Add hostos node_exporter metrics: power, NVMe
  • [83cb8dba2] Runtime: Add more query cache metrics
  • [318898006] Runtime: Upgrade Wasmtime to 7.0.1
  • Various tech-debt management: code refactoring, docs, bug fixes, test updates

IC-OS Verification

To build and verify the IC-OS disk image, run:

# From
# This process requires Mac/Linux/WSL2, Git and Podman on your machine.
git clone
cd ic
git fetch origin
git checkout 6d21535b301fee2ad3e8a0e8af2c3f9a3d022111
if ./gitlab-ci/container/ -i ; then
    curl -LO
    shasum -a 256 artifacts/icos/guestos/update-img.tar.gz update-img.tar.gz
    echo "IC-OS build failed. Verification unsuccessful." >&2

The two SHA256 sums printed above from a) the downloaded CDN image and b) the locally built image, must be identical, and must match the SHA256 from the payload of the NNS proposal.

Proposal had to be resubmitted since the original one failed. The reason for failure is another proposal submitted last week that should have updated the unassigned nodes which also failed. Since the unassigned nodes were running too old version, the one that was getting deprecated in the blessing proposal, automated checks rejected the proposal. After unassigned nodes were successfully updated earlier today, the new blessing proposal executed successfully as well.

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