Voting is open for a new IC release - 5c25ebf

Hello there!

We are happy to announce that voting is now open for a new IC release .
The NNS proposal is here: IC NNS Proposal 101987 .

Here is a summary of the changes since the last release:

* [facb02060] Crypto: feat(crypto): add metrics for the signature verification cache
* [c9c3ff877] Crypto: feat(crypto): add timestamp to generated IDKG dealing encryption public key
* [c35b035b4] Crypto: feat(crypto): enable signature verification cache
* [489eb1038] Crypto: feat(crypto): provide timestamps of when public keys were generated
* [bd38f81fd] Execution: Chore: Remove HypervisorMetrics::executed_messages
* [7585b26bf] Execution: fix: route bitcoin regtest requests to bitcoin testnet canister
* [2b9245b62] Message Routing: Reduce the number of diverged checkpoints to keep
* [76f4f0285] Message Routing: chore: Drop no longer used `CanisterIdRanges::locate()`
* [d83804e07] Message Routing: feat: Implement ingress history splitting
* [5ac0fcfeb] Message Routing: perf: Use len() during certification
* [4dcb7cad7] Networking: Use limited body receive in xnet builder
* [7814451bc] Networking: feat: Add certified height to status endpoint
* [3297bbfaf] Networking: feat: remove the legacy_flow_tag from the TransportConfig and introduce max_streams field
* [27362cbe8] Networking: fix: Don't remove the peer from the peer list if start_connection returns AlreadyExists
* [43656a6d3] Networking: fix: Remove ArtifactAcceptance
* [5c443e75d] Networking: fix: remove extra conversions
* [77f261211] Networking: fix: return 429 when the internal buffers are full
* [cc94560ed] Orchestrator: chore(orchestrator): Remove unused return value of `check_all_keys_registered_otherwise_register`
* [878dda25a] Orchestrator: chore(orchestrator,): remove eject_keycard_signal_file handling
* [a2f0e11aa] Orchestrator: fix(consensus): During batch delivery, search for previous summary even if a newer one exists, and don't deliver the batch if none is found
* [0cbd33818] Runtime: Enable Canister Timers in pre-upgrade
* [f4dd5b4a2] Runtime: Fix timers scheduling in some corner cases
* [0e64c0e12] Runtime: Get stable memory from wasmtime
* [f3538a8de] Runtime: Inject stable memories
* [417183efd] Runtime: Metric recording read accesses before write accesses
* [0fda4a55a] Runtime: Replace `wabt-rs`
* [3b6a9d0a7] Runtime: Replace wabt-rs in ic-embedders

And a complete list of changes can of course be found on GitHub.
Please reply to this message if you have any questions or comments.


Hi all!
We submitted proposal 103231 for a security update on top of 5c25ebf . The security update will be applied to all subnets and after that the changes from the security update will be shared publicly, in accordance with the Security Patch Policy and Procedure that was adopted in proposal 48792.
The community will be able to retroactively verify the binaries that were rolled out. The instructions for doing this are in the proposal summary.


The repo mirroring has been re-enabled, and the verifiability of the above build is once again possible. Please let us know if you have issues with verifying the above security update.