VFANS.org-A Decentralized Content Platform with IC Integration

VFANS: A Decentralized Content Platform with IC Integration

This forum post describes VFANS, a content platform focused on creator collaboration, user ownership, and transparency. Here are the key takeaways:

What is VFANS?

  • A decentralized content platform for publishing video/articles and subscribing through mobile payments.
  • Offers a familiar Web2 user experience with future features like instant messaging.
  • Distributes platform ownership (VFTs) to creators and users based on contributions.
  • VFTs grant users the ability to receive income, vote on platform rules, and transfer ownership on-chain.

Integration with Internet Computer (IC):

  • VFANS is integrating its VFT system with IC to create Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) based on ICRC-7 NFT as on-chain accounts.
  • SBTs are non-transferable tokens that mirror a user’s off-chain account, reflecting asset ownership and records.
  • This is a first step towards further IC integration, including VFT transfer, governance voting, and a reputation system.

How it’s Built:

  • The IC integration is built primarily using Motoko, utilizeing Internet Identity, ICRC-7 standard, and Http outcalls.
  • Users create VFANS accounts with their phone number, but Internet Identity is required for obtaining SBTs and on-chain storage. Oauth2 authentication is used to link Internet Identity with VFANS account id.
  • SBTs follow the ICRC-7 NFT standard with disabled transfer to ensure a unique SBT per user.
  • Utilized stable memory instead of database to store rich data including membership info, VFT ownership, and future interaction data.
  • Http outcalls with digital signatures ensure secure data synchronization between off-chain accounts and SBT canisters.
  • Embeded cycles meter to monitor balance of cycles and daily usage.

Github Link: VFANS-IC-Public/README.md at main · VFans-org/VFANS-IC-Public · GitHub

Advantages of Internet Computer:

  • IC offers flexibility and scalability for SBT/NFT functions like fungible token transfer, reputation scores, and voting records.
  • IC supports hybrid on-chain and off-chain systems well.

Project Progress:

  • As of early 2024, VFANS has 3000+ registered users and 100+ creators.
  • Based on creator feedback, they’re improving web publishing and developing on-chain services.

Future Plans:

  • The next project will add VFT transfer, governance, and reputation functionalities to SBTs, enabling user interaction on IC.

Overall, VFANS is a promising platform leveraging IC to empower creators and users in a transparent content ecosystem.

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Hi, do you by chance have an X account for this project?

We do! @vfansdao. However, We have not started any promotion yet. Will start updates when we roll out the next product version.

Thank you! I just like to compile new projects I want to keep an eye on into a list on x