Upcoming SNS Proposal: List $Tendy on ICPcoins

Below you will find a draft proposal that we will push in the coming weeks to have $TENDY listing on ICPcoins.

Previous props to add $BOX and $ICYPEES were downvoted. We hope that our project will satisfy the concerns of the community and will pass. We have already given drafts of our prop to the 100 year sns1 DAO Openchat group. We have let Anvil and the SNS1 Dao Twitter know we are planning a proposal. I would like this thread to allow you, the developers and users of the IC to ask questions and pose comments and inquiries about the project before we make our proposal.


Proposal for $Tendys listing on ICPCOINS: Enhancing the IC Ecosystem with Multiple Liquidity Pools and a Strong Community.

I am writing to propose the listing of Tendys (canister: 72uqs-pqaaa-aaaak-aes7a-cai standard: DIP20) which aims to create an ecosystem through the establishment of multiple liquidity pools and the cultivation of a strong, trustworthy community. It is also a chicken tender. Tendys will prioritize transparency, liquidity, and community-driven initiatives to ensure long-term growth and sustainability.

  1. Introduction to Tendys:

TENDY is a DIP20 standard token, with a max supply of 88,000. The development team has not yet black-holed the canister as there are improvements and maybe even potential additions of icrc1 functions to the code coming soon.

TENDY is a token designed to provide investors with a seamless, secure, and rewarding experience.

Currently, there are active swap pools with locked liquidity of SNS1, ICYPEES, ckBTC and ICP.

There are user controlled pools of TENDY with CHAT, ICL, SNS1, ICYPEES & ICP.

TENDY hopes to bridge the gap of “meme tokens” and “utility” tokens by providing liquidity and unique arbitrage opportunities for users of the Internet Computer, Colloquially referred to as the “Tendyverse”.

  1. Multiple Liquidity Pools:

Tendys will support the creation of multiple liquidity pools to enhance liquidity and facilitate smooth trading experiences for investors. These liquidity pools will be established in collaboration with reputable decentralized exchanges, ensuring a secure and seamless environment for trading Tendys and other compatible cryptocurrencies. These pools also offer users potential arbitrage opportunities, and holding TENDY tokens opens up a world of trading within the Tendyverse.

  1. Burning Liquidity Pool NFTs:

To foster trust and demonstrate our commitment to the community’s well-being, Tendys will adopt a unique approach. The team has blackholed and burned certain liquidity pool NFTs, eliminating the possibility of rug pulls or sudden liquidity drainage. These “burned” lp pools can be viewed here:

The numbers go as follows:

66 ICP / 6930 TENDY

10,000 ICYPEES / 2000 TENDY

1 sns1 / 809 TENDY

.00052 ckBTC/ 52 TENDY

Have been locked into liquidity thus far.

This equals slightly more than 10% of all TENDYS in existence being locked into lp.

  1. Community Development and Engagement:

At the core of Tendys’ success lies a strong, engaged community. The dev team is active on Twitter, and the public telegram can be found here: Telegram: Contact @icTendies

Tendys was born out of the desire to provide a seamless and comprehensive user experience. The development team are not funded by dfinity and have received no grants thus far. All burned lp has been directly out of dev teams pockets.

  1. Token Standards amidst new updates to the IC: Currently $TENDY is a dip20 standard token. We have been in discussion with numerous projects on the ic whom have requested ICRC1/2 interfaces and or functions to be added to the token. Our dev team is working in a solution. There are currently two threads up on this forum where I have posed questions and received some guidance on migrating a DIP20 to ICRC1/2. We may choose to develop a Wrap which one can utilize to bring DIP20 into the icrc1/2 world of functionality. In our opinion it would be a disservice to the IC to depreciate tokens which are not current with the ICRC1 standard. If anybody has any thoughts about this it would be much appreciated.

  2. Listings: Currently, $TENDY is listed on ICPSWAP, the premier AMM on the IC. We have been in contact with the new Plug and Sonic teams, a lot of which has been public. We are in the process of filling out the form provided by ICL to achieve a listing, and have dmd with William Liam. I approached @bitbruce via dm on this forum to no response.

  3. Information directly related to listing on ICPCOINS: Tendys description is “The mission of $TENDY token is a low supply token which can be paired with projects as an liquidity provider with aims to allow low slippage on trades through out the ic. It is also a chicken tender. There are 88,000 of them.” The Canister ID: 72uqs-pqaaa-aaaak-aes7a-cai standard: DIP20

In conclusion, Tendys aims to offer multiple liquidity pools for good project, and is also a chicken tender. We are confident that Tendys addition to ICPCoins will be well suited for the growth of the ecosystem, and will also offer a lighthearted chicken tender themed token to an otherwise serious project oriented platform. We want to stress that TENDY is a serious project, but also is a chicken tender. There is 88,000 of them.


Tendys Dev Team

Pools and and liquidity values:


I I would like to see this proposal getting accepted. Tendy has been at the upfront since thier launch and it has captured the attention of many in the IC community. The team transparency, dedication and innovation towards the project deserves recognition. The move to get listed on ICPcoins is a strategic step towards increased visibility and accessibility and it shows their commitment to expanding thier reach and embracing decentralised movement. Tendy has a potential to soar to new heights and I look forward to witnessing thier success.


Thanks so much for the support.

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Thanks for providing information about your token.

This is me testing out some forum functionality, that being said I think $TENDY as dip20 needs an audit to be sure that the chicken they sacrificed for a seamless and comprehensive user experience are not part of the ones referred to " In the United States, more than 7 billion chickens are killed for their flesh each year, and 305 million hens are used for their eggs. The vast majority of these animals spend their lives in total confinement, from the moment they hatch until the day they are killed. Chickens are arguably the most abused animals on the planet, with more chickens raised and killed for food than all other land animals combined. Not a single federal law protects them from abuse, even though most Americans say they would support such a law.0 In 2017, seven people were sentenced in animal cruelty cases in Virginia after an undercover animal rights activist filmed them abusing chickens at Tyson factory facilities."
Source 1 : Chickens Used for Food | PETA
Source 2 : https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/seven-sentenced-after-animal-rights-activists-film-abuse-at-chicken-farms/2017/08/31/9c3656f4-8e6a-11e7-8111-e841db675815_story.html


Yeah Tyson is a horrible company.

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Don’t worry, all of our wings are clipped.

We have settled on writing a ICRC1 wrap for DIP20 tokens utilizing the shared dip20 ledger so all other Dip20s can benefit.

We will most likely blackhole our canister before we push the proposal so the total supply cannot be altered. Also, if you’re worried about our chickens being free range, we have created a pie chart showing the token distribution. It’s not entirely accurate as a lot of the “teams distribution” has already been pooled into Liquidity. The marketing wallet contains a fair amount of chickens but we hope to distribute them to certain social ic projects we have been negotiating with in the near term.

I hope you’re satisfied with the functionality of the forum, because our project is a serious one with a humorous tilt. Our liquidity is locked. And as the pools increase, $TENDY will be around for the long term.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to his $TENDY.

I believe that $TENDY should be listed on icpcoins.com under these terms: airdrop 25% of all $TENDY tokens equally to all SNS-1 SBT NFT holders on DSCVR. Do the airdrop in DSCVR first, then submit the proposal and we will accept it.

Separately ($SNS1, $TENDY) we might not make it, but together we all win.

Do you have a list of ids?

We are open to anything.

Idk if we control “25%” of the supply currently without destroying some lp pools. If you produce a list of ids for your “sns1 sbt nft” holders we can work out something.

Wow, thanks for providing information about your token. I’m from CAYA, the ICP builder and auditor. As we are in the same field, I would be happy to have a chat with you:)

Feel free to dm or come to our tg
EDIT: Hi, I got your dm and accepted the invite to the tg. It seems as if you are trying to sell a service or something to me?
All of the information about TENDY is listed above and available on icpswaps info page.
Also, a lot of my posts on this forum have to do with the token standard of TENDY. Id love to chat, let’s do it in Public?

LOL they found the right person to sell audit to :rofl: anyways the

sounds promising, will see how it goes at least $TENDY is Dfinity not a security.

Zack, TENDY is an arbitrage token. It has no value in of itself.

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I have reached out to DSCVR to get a list. You are talking about the sns1 airdrop nft that let you claim sns1 at launch correct?

We passed. Thank you all so much.

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ICP needs more good meme coins :slight_smile:

Well done, listing https://icpcoins.com/ will surely bring some exposure
The lowest clucking mcap here right now, haha

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Guys, you should update your twitter with a direct link to icpswap:

Thanks maybe we will.

This is our homepage on chain


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