Upcoming Seers DAO SNS decentralization sale


Our new SNS decentralisation sale is open for contributions! Help us decentralise ICX! :green_heart:

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We made it, thanks to everyone!

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Congratulations Seers team. Hope you could succeed with this low fund. I suggest to use this fund to enable your product and look for next round.

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Congratulations on your success

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Congratulations Seers for your successful SNS fundraising campaign. We are happy to inform you that ICX token have been added to sonic dex.


Congratulations. Just looked up the ICX user interface and it looks nice.

1.What if Elon sues because ICX = looks like X - smells like X - and even is called X?

2.Could there be any regulatory concerns due to sports bets and using a crypto wallet inside of the dapp?

3.Have you done the necessary legal steps to abide by whats allowed?

Having to pay 1 ICP to be able to post will hinder adoption for people outside of the IC ecosystem.
Is there any other social media platform where the user has to pay to be able to post?..

Elon won’t sue. He is too busy getting to mars. There are a million things that will kill seers, Elon won’t be one.

I think the founder lives in Latin America so laws aren’t as strict there.


Hello, can you set up a lottery market burning icp?

Any answers from the Seers ICX team to the question in my last post above?

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