Upcoming Kinic SNS Launch

Yes. Not only is it not mathematically correct, it is also kind-of rude to do a review only after the proposal. They could have stated it any time during the public scrutiny in this thread; one month of time :woman_shrugging: .

Since the US is banned from participation shouldn’t a notice be posted informing the data centers, node operators, and private investors there to remove their maturity from the community/neurons’ fund so they are not exposed to the auction through the fund?

The GEO blocking feature came out last week and Kinic will be the first SNS to use it. We are not experts in this area but expect the process to be streamlined with time and the efforts of Dfinity with relevant teams and experts.


What are those blocked locations?

How you get into this Math?

Considering Hard cap, They are raising 1.5 Million ICP for 25%, pre money will be 6 Million ICP +1.5 Million ICP raised in SNS so post money valuation will be 7.5 million ICP = 37.5 Million USD (ICP=5USD)

Hi! It is defined here if you look for or crtl+f “restricted_countries”. Line #205.

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The SNS DAO for Kinic has been approved by a majority of 51.63%.

The SNS swap started below 23 hours ago and is at 76% funded with only 317 participants.

I just want to say that Binance’s total ieo is only 250w USD

10,000 ICP raised in a bit over 14 hours
190,000 in under two days.

Kinic is the first SNS swap not backed directly by Dfinity. :slight_smile:

The whole SNS structure is amazingly powerful! We plan on a write up on our learnings from community interactions during the swap and how others can improve their SNS in the future.


This tweet seems to imply Kinic plans to move away from opensourcing the protocol - is that the case @apotheosis ?

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Hi! If Kinic is unable to SNS we will need to go the traditional VC route :cry: . Which often means closed-source, proprietary, ZKML…But we still have 7 days! :crossed_fingers:

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Thank you for clarifying this, was just trying to confirm that this wouldn’t be happening under an SNS.

I can completely understand the need for funding, and I don’t blame you for seeking alternative sources, in the instance it’s required.

Goodluck with the rest of the sale good ser🤝

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Really, we still have a decent amount of time. People are reaching out to commit ICP and promote to raise awareness in the community outside of this forum :slight_smile:

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Can you give an example ?

Thank you for following so closely.

Check out the Twitter!
It is quite amazing.

Thank you for being so transparent .

Checked out your twitter, amazing indeed




Jun 6

Open-sourced and transparent SEO, machine learning (ZKML) and search algorithms, power a new paradigm in freedom to information-access.

This is the best one.

402,644.25 ICP with 522 participants. 1 of which did 100,000ICP.

What is the best way to get in touch with some ICP whales? :joy:

I would like to tell them: traditional ‘search’ models are quickly becoming obsolete.
Kinic DAO’s roadmap is made to build the future of ‘search’.

On-chain zero-knowledge machine learning modules allow for amazing results.

  1. Private inputs. You can have ML with health data and keep the privacy of the patients for example (KINIC API). Or allow for people to search and ask prompt questions while preserving their privacy.

  2. Verifiable SEO. No deviation from the model to suit specific bias or groups.

  3. Private models. A user could define their very own ML model based on open source work. They can then keep the model private while allowing access to it (KINIC API). One could imagine on-chain AI backed crypto trading bots, with verifiable computation. Or ML models suited for searching the internals of specific apps (DSCVR, Nuance, etc).

Tech VC are very active in this space because of the potential. An ICP based DAO focused on ‘search’ and ZKML has the promise to transform how we all interact and transact on-chain.

OC had 2375 participants. Kinic has 522 with an average of 100ICP per participant (51,000 / 521). :muscle:
Kinic DAO is the first SNS (non-Dfinity). It is also the first that used the GEO-blocking feature.:face_with_head_bandage:

Let’s push it over the minimum threshold.

Further reading:

Google - “We Have No Moat, And Neither Does OpenAI”

When ML models were leaked from Meta, people quickly found ways to use them on their local machines, to amazing effect.

You still got 4 days left you only need one more whale.

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My name is Victor Kiam and I endorse this product


Getting close to the deadline for end of Kinic SNS :slight_smile:
I wanted to share some learnings from the SNS launch to help future SNS projects.

After the voting was successfully completed there was a lot of congratulations and even a PR paper from Dfinity Marketing “Kinic hits xyz evaluation in SNS launch”. There was an assumption that most projects that made it to SNS would easily be able to sell out within hours. Now we know this is not the case!

Add in some geo-blocking, securities allegations, with bad macro and things will work against you.

  1. Make a way for your users to directly contribute or at least show them how. Day one we spent a lot of time explaining how SNS works and how people could contribute. You can have 80,000 users in India… but that traction will not help you with SNS if they have no way to contribute in the swap.

  2. There was a lot of chatter 'we can just buy it after SNS when token unlocks. OC token fell in value… '. In the case of Kinic geo-blocked people need to buy at market after the sale… so there is that. Something to keep in mind and plan for in your SNS.

  3. It takes a lot of people contributing 10ICP to hit milestones. Kinic was focused on white paper, and tech, not marketing. Most SNS project will probably need to focus equally as hard on pure marketing. Kinic has had a lot of help from various projects and leaders in the IC space this past week :pray: It has been insane to see 100% full-steam ahead marketing. Dfinity cannot RT or promote like they did in the past, due to reasons… so you will need to plan for your SNS!

  4. Someone bought 100,000 ICP worth of Kinic within an hour of the SNS starting. For your SNS you should probably figure our how to get more of these individuals on your side. Currently, it is the only possible way an SNS could sell out within a few hours; a statement that is provable with simple maths.

  5. I think that early SNS projects should be non-profit backed and community goods; no greed. They should also have strong roadmaps. Some people want finished projects… however ultimately SNS is for creating a DAO to help improve community goods and open-sourced technology more quickly. If the project is finished and has great traction, why would it SNS? OC was backed by Dfinity so they did as an example for the SNS. The team also has Dfinity email address, so no fear of limited runway. We can see that all upcoming SNS have had some form of traction, and execution, but none will be complete and polished apps. The SNS should be a growth engine for promising IC projects and open sourced technology.